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30 Super Bowl snacks that qualified for the finals

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When does the Super Bowl take place?

The 51st Super Bowl will take place on February 5, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. local time. For you that means: set the alarm clock! Kickoff is at 12:30 a.m.

Where does the Super Bowl take place?

The venue is the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. 71,500 people find a place here to experience the spectacle live.

The teams of the Super Bowl 2017 - who will compete?

The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons face each other in the finals. While the New England Patriots hit the Super Bowl for the ninth time, the Atlanta Falcons are fighting for the second time.

With this Super Bowl knowledge, you can shine in front of your friends

For the majority of Americans, the Super Bowl is a national holiday. In 2016, over 100 million Americans watched the broadcast of the most popular sports event of the year in front of their screens. The dream of many Americans: to be there for once. That wouldn't have been a problem 50 years ago - for $ 12, the ticket was yours. Today the spectacle is expensive fun. Last year, the minimum price for the coveted admission ticket was around $ 2,500. A box seat cost around $ 380,000.

The sporting event also breaks all records in terms of food: the American pizza service generates a third of their annual turnover on this day. What else will be eaten during the game? Approx. 60,000 tons of guacamole, 4,000 tons of popcorn and 14,000 tons of chips. Thirst quenchers are up to 120 million liters of beer.

Before the game

Gratinated nachos

The warm-up phase for the players begins - and for your nachos too! Put it in the oven and enjoy with avocado, tomatoes, beans, mince and sour cream. To the recipe

Chicken pistachio sticks with hummus

Take the time before the game to prepare this dish. Simply turn the chicken in chopped pistachios and put them in the oven. Your low-calorie, uncomplicated and crispy snack is ready. To the recipe

Mini tortilla pizza from the muffin pan

Coin Toss! Now the coin toss takes place after the player can decide whether he wants to kick or receive the ball. For this moment there are the small mini tortilla pizzas. They come straight from the muffin pan onto your table to soothe your nerves, bite by bite. To the recipe

First Quater

Puff pastry rolls with bacon and jalapeño filling

Kick off! It starts! To start with, there are these fiery puff pastry rolls filled with cheddar, bacon and nicely spicy jalapeños. To the recipe

Bread pralines with feta and grilled peppers

Snacks always work! But for this special game, they dressed up especially for them. Topped with paprika and feta and coated with spicy Black Forest ham, dipping into the fresh tomato-paprika salsa is twice as much fun. To the recipe


Mexican or Italian? Italian or Mexican? Today is not a day to make such “difficult” decisions. Just treat yourself to both! All you have to do is fill your tortillas with pizza sauce, cheese and paprika - your pizzadillas are ready! To the recipe

Cheeseburger muffins

Delay of game! The game delay is of course used for these delicious mini cheeseburgers from the muffin tin. Because the American classic really shouldn't be missing today. To the recipe

Second Quater

Chili cheese fries out of the oven

A particularly big event calls for a particularly hearty snack: So use the time to get your fries out of the oven. But not simple fries, but mixed with chilli minced meat and baked with cheddar cheese. Mighty delicious! To the recipe

Fried mozzarella balls in a pistachio coating

Hey, that was just an onside kick! You did it to get the ball back quickly. But no wonder, with these pistachio-coated mozzarella balls, you can't help it! To the recipe

Pull Apart Bread or Zupfbrot 'Caprese Style'

Pluck, watch, pluck, watch ... - just the thing for your evening in front of the TV. You can also enjoy twice with this Pull Apart Bread: Tomatoes and mozzarella are hidden in the delicious filling. To the recipe

Crispy guacamole rolls with coriander dip

Around 60,000 tons of avocados are processed into guacamole for Super Bowl day. Fortunately, you only need 3 pieces of the green fruit for your snack, which is not used as a dip here, but is dipped itself. To the recipe

Halftime show!

Salted caramel popcorn

Halftime! Now is the time to relax. So quickly get this sweet and salty caramel popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy the show. To the recipe

Crispy eggplant-parmesan bites

While world star Lady Gaga appears during the Super Bowl break, these little bites make their appearance in your living room. Eggplant wrapped in a crispy parmesan coating. To the recipe

Crunchy pizza sticks

Wow, pizza dough with delicious tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella is now also available on a stick. And best of all: you can add your favorite toppings to the whole thing! The Americans would like to have that too! To the recipe

Chilli Popcorn Chicken

One more, and one more, and one more ... These crispy chicken bites are just delicious. Yes, but now open your eyes quickly or you will miss the second half. To the recipe

Third Quater

Barbecue chicken meatballs

The game continues! And you too. But instead of one ball you have many balls, or rather "meatballs". With delicious barbecue sauce and a buttermilk dressing made from fresh herbs. To the recipe

Stuffed eggs with jalapeno and bacon

Hmm ... Somehow this snack reminds us of the shape of the football. One more reason to enjoy these stuffed eggs with jalapeno and bacon! To the recipe

Cheese bagels with olive and tomato butter

A field goal! That gives three points! This successful kick is now rewarded - with these crispy cheese balls and a creamy Mediterranean butter made from olives and tomatoes. To the recipe

Zucchini chips with basil and rosemary

Potato chips are available every day. Today it has to be special nibbling fun. So why buy the normal chips when you can have these crispy zucchini chips? With basil and rosemary you can conjure up a snack that you can even nibble on without a guilty conscience. To the recipe

Time out

Avocado Spinach Dip

The right dip for your Super Bowl snacks is ... in this bowl! And if it's already empty, you can use the time out to quickly get the next bowl out of the fridge. To the recipe

Honey mustard sauce

Somewhat sweet, a little hot and nice and creamy - with this sauce you have a dressing and dip in one. It goes well not only with salads, but also with bread and meat. Perfect for conjuring up several snacks for a large team. To the recipe


Fourth Quater

Three kinds of skewers with mozzarella, feta and halloumi

This whole event is not stuffy. It only gets stuffy on your plate - for mozzarella and feta, halloumi and melons, nectarines and cucumbers. To the recipe