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If vacation you want to relax, discover new things and, above all, enjoy things. Depending on how you approach your vacation, every minute can be planned so that you don't miss any attractions and get the most out of the trip - or you let activities come your way and see if you are ready for the beach that day or feel like a museum. It's just a shame if you actually rent a car to get one Sightseeing to visit - and then the tickets have long since sold out or or it is simply not as amazing as the promising advertisement looked. Even if the weather doesn't cooperate, you may have to change your plans or at least not experience the full beauty. The internet is a real gold mine when it comes to getting information. So you can get the Testimonials Read through from other travelers and rate whether the attraction is worthwhile for you, and in many cases tickets can be booked online in advance.

About Viator

The travel website Viator was founded in 1997 and has been part of the Viator since 2014 TripAdvisor. This is a public website where travelers can exchange ideas and information reviews Publish to attractions, restaurants or hotels. Since the takeover of Viator, you can now also directly tickets to attractions can be booked through the two websites.

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About the website are Tickets Bookable for more than 100,000 sights and activities. You can search directly for an activity or attraction that interests you. Likewise, you can view all the possible activities and tours that yours holiday destination offers if you don't have a clear idea of ​​what to do there. For each activity you will be informed about the estimated duration as well as available languages informed. You can specify the desired date and filter a general search by price, duration and special offers. All activities in the region can be displayed sorted by category. In addition to museums and other sights, this includes, for example, hot air balloon rides, concerts, amusement parks and activities for children. You can also create a wish list and add yours Bookings manage. In addition to the website, the company also operates one App. This is optimized for both Android and iOS. Similar to the website, travelers can read and write reviews, view the main sights of a city on a map and order tickets. According to the company, they often have a Cancellation period 24 hours before the start. A multilingual is available for any problems or questions Customer service to disposal.


Do TripAdvisor and Viator for yours Vacation planning used? Were you able to obtain such extensive information and book tickets straight away if you were interested in an attraction? How did you feel about the reviews, did you understand them or were you disappointed? Was it possible to book tickets for all the sights you wanted to visit or were you missing which ones? Were you admitted faster with the online tickets and were able to do so for a long time? Queue handle the counters? Got the tickets at the counter or entrance without any problems accepted or was it, in the worst case, semi-legal forgeries? Got a cancellation easily and did you get your money back without any problems? What was the procedure if a tour or guided tour had to be canceled? How does the app work on your smartphone? Have you been able to take advantage of this on the go? Share your experiences with Viator here and help other travelers with their vacation planning!

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There is currently a review of Viator | A TripAdvisor company. On average, it got a 2/10 star, with 0% saying they would buy from this company again.

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Viator | One TripAdvisor company is primarily active in the vacation industry, with a focus on day trips.

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