You could be electrocuted from an iPad

After the latest death: no smartphone in the bathtub!

Parents warn their children from an early age: be careful with the hairdryer in the bathroom. But what many do not have on their radar: This also applies to other technical devices! Although small children learn that electricity and water should be kept as far away from each other as possible, the two components are still an underestimated danger.

  • More and more people are also using smartphones in the bathtub.
  • Only recently there was another death in Switzerland.
  • A 22-year-old used her cell phone in the tub while she plugged the smartphone into the charger.
  • When it fell into the tub, she was electrocuted and fatally injured. The woman died on the spot.

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Technical devices in the bathroom are taboo

The cell phone is actually harmless in the bathtub: If the smartphone or laptop is not connected to the mains, the voltage is too low to trigger an electric shock. However, as soon as the technical gadget is connected to the circuit, for example via a charging cable, there is danger. Many people forget or underestimate the situation. But be careful: If the device falls into water and the socket is not earthed, this can lead to a fatal electric shock.

Cheap online chargers can also cause electric shocks. Therefore, always pay attention to the "CE" marking, which corresponds to the European standard.

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Cell phone power accidents are increasing

Although experts speak of an individual case and an exceptional situation, the number of accidents is increasing, as the following examples from the recent past prove:

  • February 2016: A 21-year-old German slips his smartphone into the bathtub and barely survives cardiac arrest.
  • July 2017: A 14-year-old girl from the USA was playing in the bathtub with the mobile phone connected to the charging cable and was fatally electrocuted.
  • December 2018: A 15-year-old Russian woman dies after dropping the connected smartphone from her hand into the water.
  • April 2021: The case described above causes consternation in Switzerland.

Every accident is one too many. Talk to children and people around you about the danger from the socket, many are simply not aware of the danger.

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Relax offline

Don't take any chances and declare the bathroom a technology-free zone. Because even if you lie in the bathtub with your smartphone without a charging cable, it can break. Save yourself the drama, prefer to relax without a smartphone and take a digital break - you will see how it is good for you!

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