What does Gharib Hadith mean

What does Hadith Gharib (حديث غريب) mean?

A Gharib- Hadith is a kind of categorization of the hadith based on its chain. It's kind of Ahad- Hadith which means it is not narrated by an abundance of narrators at every level of the chain. There are three types of Ahad- Hadith: Mash-hoor , Aziz and Gharib . A Gharib- Hadith is one in which there is at least one level (or stage) that contains only one narrator. An example of one Gharib- Hadith is the famous hadith on purpose (niyyah):

Tell 'Umar bin Al-Khattab:
I heard Allah's Messenger (saas) say, "The reward for deeds depends on the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what they intended. So whoever emigrated for worldly reasons or married a woman was emigrating for what he emigrated for. "

This hadeeth was narrated from a companion (`Umar (ra)) to a follower (` Alqamah), and then there are 2 or more persons at each subsequent level.

Note that this type of categorization is not based on the text of the hadith at all, so it is not a judgment on the "strangeness" of a text or its lack.

Since this type of categorization is only based on the number of people based on each level of the chain (and not on their memory or trustworthiness), a Gharib- Hadith sahih (authentic), hasan (acceptable), da`if (to be weak. or even other categories of authenticity.

Source: Usul al-Hadith class