What's the best Terry Gilliam movie

Terry Gilliam's best film

Tomorrow the master of high-pitched images and weird fantasies will be 70. Terry Gilliam's works are bursting with imagination and since we cannot commit ourselves with the best will in the world, we'd rather ask you what his best film is.

Where does this man get his ideas from? Perhaps Terry Gilliam fell into a cauldron of LSD as a child, like Obelix into the magic potion. In any case, that would explain the unbridled proliferation of his imagination, which has created unique works such as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or The Cabinet of Doctor Parnassus. Even if he adapts the scripts or ideas of others, you can always tell his films are made by their true author, Terry Gilliam.

Gilliam's films basically take up the classic themes of the fantastic: In Time Bandits and 12 Monkeys he takes us on confused journeys through time, in The Knights of the Coconut and King of the Fishermen he sends us on a quest for the Grail and in Jabberwocky and The Brothers Grimm into the world the fairy tale. Through a flood of ingenious ideas and bizarre-beautiful pictures, Terry Gilliam transforms well-known patterns into completely original films that breathe his wonderfully eccentric humor.

Despite all the fantasy and comedy, most of his works also have a strong and often very serious relation to reality. In Brazil, Terry Gilliam paints the gloomy picture of a future surveillance state whose absurd bureaucracy sometimes seems frighteningly familiar to the viewer and Tideland is about a girl who takes refuge in a disturbing dream world after the death of her irresponsible parents.

But now decide for yourself! Which film is Gilliam's greatest masterpiece?