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0800 numbers - what you should definitely pay attention to

The 0800 area code we must have met all of us at some point. Be it as a freephone hotline for companies such as cell phone providers or even as a free private phone number.

But many consumers are unsure whether 0800 numbers are free of charge or whether there are hidden costs after all. What about connections to 0800 numbers from the mobile phone? And can I call a hotline with the 0800 area code from abroad?

In this guide you will find all the important information about 0800 numbers and the freephone area code 0800.

0800 area code: costs, accessibility, abroad & what you should also pay attention to

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What is the 0800 area code?

The 0800 area code is a so-called freephone or freecall number. These can be called free of charge from Germany and are accordingly often found in the hotline area. In some countries, the 0800 area code is also referred to as the “green number”.

The 0800 freephone numbers, originally introduced by the American mobile operator AT &&, have existed since the 1960s.

In Germany, the 0800 number has only prevailed since 2000, before that the 0130 area code was used, which is no longer relevant today.

What do I have to consider with the 0800 area code?

There is not much to consider for you as a caller. You don't have to worry about a cost trap or the like with 0800 numbers, because connections to 0800 numbers are either free of charge or do not come about at all.

However, some companies may block their 0800 hotline for mobile phone users due to their own higher costs. Then you can only reach the number via the German landline network.

If you want to offer an 0800 number yourself, you have to pay attention to a number of things, of course. Since you, as the operator of the 0800 number, bear the costs yourself, you should always keep an eye on them.

Can I also call 0800 numbers from my cell phone?

Yes, you can usually call an 0800 number or hotline from your mobile phone. Even then, you will not incur any costs for the Freephone or Freecall number.

As already mentioned above, however, it can happen with individual hotlines that these are blocked for connections from the cellular network. Then it is not possible to establish a connection and you either have to look for a landline number as an alternative to the 0800 number or call the 0800 number from a landline telephone.

Is the 0800 free of charge? How much does the connection to an 0800 number cost?

The connection to an 0800 number is free of charge. The called party pays the connection costs. This applies to connections from the German landline network as well as from the German mobile network.

This makes the area code 0800 ideal for service hotlines, because those seeking advice no longer have to struggle with expensive connections, but can directly look for a free line to the company.

Conclusion: You can call an 0800 number free of charge!

Can I call 0800 hotlines from abroad?

The classic 0800 number cannot be reached from abroad. It is a national free number that can only be called from Germany or the respective country of registration.

Because 0800 numbers are not only available in Germany, but also, for example, in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland and many other countries.

The registered 0800 number can only be called from the country in which it is registered.

An example: If you are on vacation in Spain and want to contact your mobile operator there on the free 0800 hotline, you will probably not be able to do so, as the 0800 number only works in Germany.

As an alternative, you can only search for a landline number from your provider - almost all companies also have a number for "calls from abroad". However, it can then happen that - depending on your mobile phone contract - additional costs will be charged for the connection.

What is the international 00800 prefix?

The international freephone hotline is +800 or 00800. It is followed by an eight-digit phone number.

The 00800 area code can be reached free of charge internationally, but the operator has the option of blocking certain countries. But if you are there right now, a connection is not possible.

Please note, however, that the 00800 number, which is actually free, is not necessarily available free of charge from all networks. The recommendation is made not to charge for such connections, but unfortunately not every cell phone or telecommunications provider in the world adheres to them.

According to our research, you can easily call 00800 numbers free of charge with a German cell phone with a current stay in Germany.

DANGER: However, if you are traveling abroad with a German mobile phone contract, it can lead to additional costs. Then the costs can also be € 3.00 per minute. Here is an interesting forum post about it.

How can I apply for an 0800 number?

An 0800 number is very common in the business sector. Large companies in particular use an 0800 freephone hotline to offer their customers free accessibility.

But private individuals or small companies can also register an 0800 number.

  1. To do this, an application for an 0800 number must be submitted to the Federal Network Agency. This is responsible for assigning and managing the 0800 area code.
  2. The cost of setting up an 0800 number is € 26. There are also any connection and administrative costs.
  3. Currently there is only the offline way to apply for an 0800 number. This means that you have to download a form, fill it out and then send it to the Federal Network Agency by fax or post.
  4. You can find the forms for applying for the 0800 number directly from the Federal Network Agency.

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