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tap (German) [edit]

Verb [edit]

Word separation:

an · zap · fen, past tense: zapf · te an, participle II: an · zapft


IPA: [ˈanˌt͡sap͡fn̩]
Audio samples: tap (Info)


[1] open something with a prick so that the contents can flow out (especially a barrel)
[2] transmitted, colloquial: manipulate something (telephone, water pipe, computer) in such a way that something can be overheard / read / used unnoticed
[3] transmitted, colloquial: questioning someone for certain information
[4] transmitted, colloquial: asking someone for money, wanting to receive money from someone


Derivation (derivation) to the verbtap with the derivativeat-

Sense releated words:

Drill, pierce [1]
[2] bugging, bugging
[3] interrogate, listen to, squeeze
[4] borrow, pump on


[1] Every year taps the mayor of Munich personally delivered the first keg of beer at the Oktoberfest at.
[2] The police Has the suspect's phone tapped.
[3] The detective had a well-connected informant whom he tap could when it came to the subject of counterfeiting.
[4] He had relationships with several women at the same time, all of them tapped.

Word formations:


Translations [edit]

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