How big is Texas


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Texas is the largest state in the United States after Alaska and roughly the size of Germany, Italy and Switzerland combined. With around 30 million inhabitants, only about a fifth as many people live in Texas as in these three countries. Most Texans live in the big cities. Houston is the largest, followed by San Antonio and Dallas. The capital is Austin, in other words: Ostin.

The name of the state comes from the Indian word "Tejas", which means "friendship". The Americans gave Texas the nickname "State of the Lone Star", in English "Lone Star State". This is because there is a single star on the Texas flag.

What is the state like?

Texas is located deep in the south of the United States, near Mexico. The weather is usually very hot and dry. However, every now and then there are violent summer storms with heavy rainfall. Because Texas is so big, the landscape is also extremely varied. Much land is prairie or desert. In the west there are many high mountains and equally deep canyons, i.e. river valleys. It's swampy on the Louisiana border. There are many sandy beaches on the long Atlantic coast.

Outside of the largest cities, Texas is very sparsely populated. Few people live in a large area. Some rich farmers even own several thousand square kilometers of land, which corresponds to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčmetropolises like London or Moscow.

What to see in Texas

The Alamo was originally a mission, a station of the Church that was supposed to make the country Catholic.

There is a lot to see in Texas. The amusement park "Six Flags over Texas" near Dallas offers 45 different attractions, including the famous roller coaster "New Texas Giant". The Alamo in San Antonio is also famous. It was originally a Christian mission house for the Spaniards, but then played an important role as a fortress in the Texas War of Independence.

For nature lovers there is the Big Bend National Park in the south near Mexico. The Rio Grande river runs through it over a length of around 200 kilometers. Its landscape is characterized by cacti, deep gorges, wild streams and rock formations made of lava stone. Animals such as coyotes, foxes and pumas live there, as well as over 450 species of birds.

Many German immigrants settled around the city of Fredericksburg near San Antonio in the 19th century. Their descendants are still called Texas Germans today. They even speak a special dialect of the German language, Texas German.

What do people live on?

NASA's control center is located in Houston. The quote "Houston, we have a problem!" Is well known. A crew member of the Apollo 13 mission is said to have said it when a tank of the spaceship exploded.

After California, Texas is the most important state for the American economy. Texas has the most petroleum of any US state. A lot of natural gas is also extracted. There are also large refineries that process the crude oil into gasoline, diesel and other fuels and lubricants.

The chemical factories make many products from petroleum. Many companies work for space travel or manufacture aircraft. Many electronic things are also manufactured.

Many people work in agriculture. They raise livestock, especially cattle and sheep. They also grow maize, rice, oats, vegetables, citrus fruits and cotton on their fields.

There are 10,000 wind turbines in Texas. The city of Houston, in other words: Hiusten, is the second largest port in the USA in terms of the amount of goods loaded and unloaded. In addition, a lot of money is made from tourism.

What happened earlier

The oldest traces of humans in North America come from Texas. They date from the Stone Age, around 14,000 years before Christ. Mostly these are tools made of stone. There were different tribes of Indians. They were growing maize as early as 1,500 years before Christ.

At the beginning of modern times, Spanish sailors came to the area and made it a colony. The French also founded a fort here, but were driven away by the Indians and by diseases.

When Mexico broke away from motherland Spain, Texas was Mexican for a few years. In 1836, however, the Texans no longer wanted to be Mexicans and fought for their freedom in a war of independence. Nine years later, Texas joined the United States after briefly becoming a republic.

Many people in Texas still speak Spanish today. Not least because of the many immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries. The influence of Mexican culture can also be seen in the local Tex-Mex cuisine with dishes such as chili con carne or tacos.

  • The flag of Texas gave the state its nickname "Lone Star State".

  • Texas occupies a large area in the southern United States.

  • With this pump, crude oil is extracted from the ground.

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