What is the future of climate activism

How we make possible what is necessary!

03/18/2021 - What we finally need is an effective and ambitious climate policy that not only strives to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, but also complies with the 1.5 degree limit. It cannot be the case that the climate justice movement has been protesting for a just and future-oriented climate policy for years and that the same symbolic policy is displayed as it was decades ago.

Yesterday's politics are not tomorrow's future, our politicians must finally admit that. In the past few months, empty promises have been made, our competence has been agreed upon and finally a “climate package” that can hardly be surpassed in terms of ridiculousness was presented as a “master plan” for keeping the 1.5 degree promise. What is currently happening in politics is nothing other than betrayal of our future.

For decades, anthropogenic climate change has been the scientific consensus. Instead of goal-oriented action, only a policy is made that is geared towards the economy and thus aims to generate capital and not to pull the emergency brake before the climate crisis. Thousands of people face the truth - if nothing is done now, the hope of a just future worth living is hopeless. We have waited long enough for politicians to come up with ideas of their own accord, but that's enough for us.

The upcoming climate strike will be the most creative than ever, because the way our government acts today, there will be no tomorrow for subsequent generations. Germany must finally take on the responsibility that we not only have towards future generations, but as an industrialized nation also towards countries in the global south, which do not have the same responsibility as Germany.

Climate activism does not only mean fighting for a future, but also for justice. Justice that hasn't existed for years. We strike for all those who are not allowed or able to use their vote. For us, fighting the climate crisis means standing up hand in hand with science against a climate policy that betrays our future. That is only possible if we get everyone on board, leave no one behind and, as a united society, treat humanity's task of climate justice as such.

We know that we will be able to meet the 1.5-degree limit if politics sets the framework for effective climate protection - even if that means once again making great efforts, investing time and effort. The goal we all have in mind is to create a just world. A world in which we do not argue about which country is more to blame for the climate crisis and where we fight for resources. A world in which we live as a society that respects and accepts each other is reason enough to provide effective climate protection.

But it takes more than just empty promises to create such a future. We need a policy that faces the truth; who perceives the worries and fears of society and listens to science. In order to create such a policy and thus a world as we hope for, we have to be loud, protest on the streets of the world and make it clear to our governments that a step back is not a step into the future.

Together we make the impossible possible and paint the world as we like it. In order to finally clearly and unequivocally cancel the symbolic politics and the empty promises, we are going to take to the streets again on March 19th. We show that the climate crisis cannot and will not go off the agenda. Because we're still here, we're still loud because the world needs change more than ever!

Fabia Klein, 19 years old, has been an activist at Fridays for Future since 2019 and lives in Nuremberg. She organized the demonstrations in her hometown Nuremberg from the beginning and was on September 25th. Press spokeswoman for Fridays for Future Germany.