How strong is Steph Curry

A few years ago basketball fans raved about this exceptional talent, who once again stood out from an NBA overseas team.

What superlatives did the media think about the man who was unanimously voted the best player of the 2015/16 season - a historic result in the league.

Stephen "Steph" Curry was on everyone's lips. He led the Golden State Warriors to three championships between 2015 and 2018. He pulverized one NBA record after another. 402 three-pointers in one season, 13 goals from downtown in one game, 79 games in a row with at least one three-point - to name just a few.

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Kerr: Curry has never been better

And now? The now 32-year-old is preparing to become even better. With a 62- and 57-point game or ten three-pointers in one game, he caused a sensation.

According to his coach, he already is.

"He's never been better," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr recently when Curry scored 57 points against the Dallas Mavericks. "We're talking about a two-time MVP and three-time champion. I've never seen him like this," he said.

Draymond Green, a team-mate of the Point Guard since 2012, also shares this opinion: "Certainly - 1000 percent."

Curry 2015/16 a bit better - according to statistics

The bare numbers cannot fully substantiate this claim. Curry is currently playing phenomenal basketball and hitting more three-pointers than he has in a long time - but he still doesn't quite come close to his statistics from the best season of his career in 2015/16.

After playing 26 games, the playmaker has 30.0 points per match - five years ago it was 30.1 at the end of the regular season.

With a field goal rate of 49.0 percent, it is also just below that of 2015/16. Curry currently sinks 5.0 threes per game (with a hit rate of 43.5 percent), at that time it was 5.1 (45.4).

In terms of steals and assists, the Warrior was even better in the best season in franchise history (73 wins in 82 games). Only with the free throw rate (93.0: 90.8 percent) and rebounds (5.5: 5.4 per game) does the current curry even depend on the 2015/16.

Warriors coach compares Curry with Jordan

So why do Kerr and Green firmly agree that they have never seen their point guard this good?

On the one hand, according to his coach, this is due to Curry's demeanor. Kerr is particularly impressed by his self-confidence and physical strength. In addition, he is increasingly causing a stir with extraordinary actions.

"This move was somehow Jordan-esque," said Kerr, describing a scene from the Golden States game against the San Antonio Spurs, in which Curry is fouled near the sidelines and when he hears the whistle, decides to do so in a flash because the ball falls backwards still to throw - and of course sunk it in the basket. (Schedule for the 2020/21 NBA season)

"That was an incredible example of body control and feeling," said Kerr, explaining his comparison with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Golden State misses Thompson

In order to better classify Curry's current soaring, you also have to take a look at your teammates. In his exceptional season he had strong players next to him at that time with Green, Klay Thompson (currently injured), Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

Except for Green, who still gets on very well with Curry on the field, the Warriors 2020/21 lack intelligent role-players. That is why his current performance cannot be overestimated.

His team-mate Juan Toscano-Anderson ennobled him with very big words. "When you watch me on the bench, watching his game, it's like 'Oh my god, that's crazy!'", The forward is amazed and adds: "I think Steph is the best player in the world at the moment. How Baze (Bazemore) said: Just surreal. "

"We will not see a player like Steph Curry - maybe not never - but for a long time," Toscano-Anderson added.

Curry feels stronger than ever

Many did not trust Curry to come back so strong after his horror year - especially since his team had been written off before the start of the season after the renewed injury to Klay Thompson. (Tables of the NBA)

Curry missed almost the entire final season with a broken hand. "After last year, I'm grateful to have just been healthy again," said the father of three: "I'm happy to just play again night after night. I feel strong, I feel in the rhythm, I feel in control my game."

"I definitely feel stronger than ever."