Why does Bernie have no support from billionaires

Millionaire to Bernie Sanders: "Tax me, but properly!"

It is the opposite of the investor Steve Schwarzman and other US billionaires who are currently expressing concern about the wealth tax plans of the progressive presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren: Google employee and young millionaire Michael Sayman. "Tax the hell out of me - get the money out of me as much as is necessary," tweeted the 23-year-old app developer in response to a campaign speech by Bernie Sanders in which he called for people to do so for “others Fighting people they don't even know «.

He himself lives in luxury, while "most Americans work harder than I'll ever do and only get breadcrumbs for it," said Sayman, who, as a 13-year-old, claimed to have earned $ 300 a day as a programmer. A little later it was $ 10,000 a month. At the age of 18, the son of immigrants from Peru and Bolivia became the youngest Google employee in the history of the Internet company.

When his father lost his job in Miami after the financial crisis in 2012 and the family threatened to lose their house, Sayman convinced his parents not to go back home, but to let him pay the loan installments. Nevertheless, the young programmer was already a millionaire at the age of 21. These youthful experiences shaped him.

While other empires, such as Blackstone board member Schwarzman, respond with harsh rhetoric to Sander's remark that “billionaires shouldn't exist,” and try to stifle the new discussion about higher taxes for the rich in the United States, Sayman said, “A nation is judged by it how she treats her weakest. People die because they don't have health care. ”The Google programmer responded to the numerous thanks on Twitter:“ Please don't thank me, I didn't deserve these tax breaks and capital gains. I don't deserve much of what I have. Demand what is fair until you get it. ”Sayman is now drumming on Twitter for the leftist Democrat Sanders.

With this attitude, the programmer is part of a small group of wealthy people who are campaigning for higher taxation of the rich in the USA. The group "Patriotic Millionaires" announced their support for Sander's wealth tax back in September. "The richest people in the US haven't paid their fair share for a long time," said the group's spokesman and former Blackrock director Morris Pearl at the time.

Sayman sees it that way too. "A higher taxation of the rich is supposed to be robbery, but interest for the poor, if they have overdrawn their account, isn't it?" He criticized the public discourse on the taxation of the wealthy in the USA on Wednesday.

The result of years of right-wing campaigns against allegedly too high taxes for companies and the wealthy: At the beginning of October, the left-wing economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman published new figures according to which the 400 richest Americans pay less taxes than in 2018 for the first time in a century the poorest Americans.

At the beginning of the year, the left-wing Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fueled the discussion on tax avoidance in the country with a highly regarded interview in which she called for a top tax rate of 70 percent. In the 1950s, under US President and Republican Eisenhower, the rate was 91 percent and has been reduced ever since.

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