How did Sati come about

Our history

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Sati Group S.p.A. was created in 1964 from the strategic intuition of Gianni Tonelli and has experienced significant growth to this day, thanks to the management of his children Riccardo and Silvia Tonelli. The latter have carried on the company tradition with professionalism, innovation and enthusiasm.

Together with you, we would like to understand the most important moments in our company:

January 1, 1964 Gianni Tonelli founds the agency “Fratelli Tonelli”

1971: the first work in Castel Maggiore in the province of Bologna gets formed.

1990: Gianni Tonelli and the children Silvia and Riccardo found the company Sati Trading srl

1992: The new brands Eurosheet, Uniport, Eurocord, Cordplast and Satiblock were born and the company is broadening its horizons by establishing relationships with new business partners on an international level.

1995: There is a significant expansion andthe first division for the conversion of conveyor belts is established.

2006: Thanks to exponential growth, the warehouse is expanded, new processing departments and the path to strong growth at the export level begins

2014: On the occasion of the fiftieth year of operation, the headquarters are expanded and the new production department is built.The company adopts the name Sati Group SpA.

2017: With machines of the latest generation, the new production department of the belt edges and cups UNIVERTICAL started at the Bologna headquarters.