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An American soldier looks down from a helicopter. Below you can see a huge aircraft carrier on the water and the warplanes on it.

The word “marine” usually means the naval forces of a state. This includes everything with which the state defends itself at sea against other states or against pirates. The country's warships and submarines are called the fleet. You also need buildings and employees on land for a navy. The navy often also includes helicopters and airplanes. So the term marine encompasses everything: both the fleet and the rest of the land.

"Marine" comes from Latin and means something like "what has to do with the sea". Besides the navy, with which one defends oneself or wages war, there is also the merchant navy. This means all ships that are registered, i.e. registered, with a certain state. These are ships for trade, tourism and other purposes.

What do you need a marine for?

First of all, a country on the coast wants to be able to defend itself. It is best if you can keep the enemies quite far away from your own coast with ships. Small and poor countries are also trying to do this.

With their navy, states also want to protect their merchant ships that sail the world's oceans. You need a much larger navy for that. In the years after 1800, for example, it was a matter of defending one's own ships against pirates. In the Red Sea this is still necessary today.

However, states have not always used their navy for defense purposes only. Anyone who has warships can use them to attack the coast of other countries. With the navy you can force other countries to do something you want yourself. In this way, Great Britain, France and other states used to colonize poor countries.

What is the Navy?

The Navy is a large organization with many people. People need training in which they learn what they can do in the organization. If someone works for the Navy, they might be a seaman at sea. But he can also have a job in an office on land or fly a helicopter for the naval aviators. In addition to naval schools and warehouses, the navy also needs ports for ships.

The Navy has a fleet, that is, what floats on the water. These can be warships, but also ships or boats that support the work of the warships. For example, they bring food or ammunition from the land to the warships. Some ships are there to lay mines in the sea or to clear mines.

In addition to ships, the Navy often owns helicopters. This can be used, for example, to bring injured seafarers ashore to hospital quickly. The Navy also has planes. The Marines are a group of soldiers who fight similarly to other soldiers on land. They guard harbors or are dropped off by ships on a strange coast.

How long has Germany had a navy?

Karl Rudolf Brommy became Germany's first admiral in 1849. An admiral is what the general is in the army: the most important officer.

Germany used to consist of many individual states that belonged together to a confederation: the German Confederation. In 1848 war broke out between Denmark and the German Confederation. Danish warships made the German coast unsafe. That is why Germany created its own fleet: the Reichsflotte. A few years later the war was over and the ships of the Reichsflotte were sold.

The North German Confederation then existed in 1867. He had his own navy. The North German Confederation was renamed the German Empire a few years later. Only since then did Germany really build many and large warships. This Imperial Navy later had other names.

The Federal Republic of Germany has had a navy since 1956. For a long time it was called the German Navy and is now called the German Navy. But they just said marine. The navy, the air force and the army together make up the armed forces of the Bundeswehr.

Is there also a navy in Austria and Switzerland?

Austria and Switzerland are not on the coast. That's why they don't need a navy to defend themselves. They certainly have ships with which they maintain law and order on rivers and lakes. The tasks of these ships are more comparable to those of the police. Switzerland also has a merchant marine: These ships sail the world's oceans, but are registered in Switzerland.

However, Austria used to have a navy as well. Before 1918, Austria-Hungary was much larger than Austria today. The state had a long coast on the Adriatic. The ships of the Austrian Navy fought, among other things, in the First World War.

  • An American boat fires napalm in the Vietnam War. Napalm is an incendiary weapon and consists primarily of gasoline.

  • A ship of the Turkish Coast Guard, part of the Turkish Navy

  • Naval base in Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein

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