Boredom is important

Boredom promotes creativity - and even more!

One might think that this is doing something good for the children. Sentences like “Mom, I'm sooooo bored!” Or “Dad, what should I play?” Can really get you upset, so don't let boredom arise. I thought wrong! Because being bored is important - as an adult and especially as a child.

A study by two psychologists from the University of California shows that our brains only become really creative when we are bored. In the study, the group of test persons who had been given a boring task before the creative task was convincing. In comparison, their results were over 40% better and therefore more creative than those of the comparison groups.

Space for creativity and self-reflection

But not only creativity can be given free rein through boredom, children learn to organize themselves through the "idle time". You need this time of boredom, because it also means independence: a period that is not planned by parents or teachers. Boredom also means self-reflection. Here I can discover my interests and strengths - an important moment to deal with yourself, especially with children.

Put your smartphone away

The crux of the whole thing is that only very few children have this special, boring time to themselves today. In addition to many tasks and obligations at an ever earlier age, there are also media temptations. Smartphones, consoles, TVs and the like are great for distracting from boredom. But as we have just learned, boredom is important for development, so it is all the more important to set up media-free times and allow boredom. So just put your smartphone to one side!