What are the disadvantages of the female voice

Nervous and thin is naive and stupid : Equality begins with the voice

Women are still underrepresented in public discourse. One reason for this is their voice. Nervous and thin - that must be naive and stupid. Above all women with a low social status are excluded from social conversation by the tone of their voice. You can raise your voice. But it doesn't count.

Everyone knows this situation: a woman reports to a meeting, starts to speak, is excited, speaks faster. The voice becomes higher, more shaky, dies. At the next event, she will keep her mouth shut. As long as the audience doesn't accept that women speak differently, that won't change. Stereotypes about pleasant voices have ensured that thousands of women politicians and managers have undergone speech training in recent years.

Women's voices sound deeper today

Their voices sound deeper today, they are perceived as credible and safe. Twenty years ago the mean distance between male and female voices was an entire octave, today it is only a fifth. Successful women in particular have mastered their voices; today they are more likely to be heard.

When Angela Merkel was Helmut Kohl's girl, she also spoke like Kohl's girl. After that no more. Voice researcher Walter Sendlmeier analyzes that the voice of the Chancellor has dropped significantly in recent decades. The proportions of excited speech have decreased, and relaxed speech passages have increased. The Chancellor looks sovereign today, even when she is exerted - you could also say: she now looks like a man to her audience.

A woman who wants to become something cannot afford a high voice

A woman who wants to become something can no longer afford a high-pitched voice. Unless she apologizes with an untreatable weak larynx muscle - like Family Minister Franziska Giffey. Everyone else is working on themselves. The women who do not know, cannot or do not want to, squeak themselves out of the public eye. Real equality sounds different.

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