Do you think my eyebrows are ugly?

Eyebrow shape: where exactly is the inner corner?


So I think it's all a little more individual than you can make out with a ruler and set of rules ...

Yes that's true. She also worked with wax and the lines are also harsher.


I let my hair stand in the middle until it begins to "fan out" ... So when the first hairs point inwards with the tip ... if you understand ... I don't find anything (!) Worse than plucking too much away in the middle has been.

I only have something like that on one eyebrow - or rather it stands upwards and not inwards. The other is perfectly shaped inside too. I then always cut away what protrudes upwards and then both look good. At the moment, both are perfectly formed, i.e. everything that was not perfectly aligned on the inside is definitely gone (and probably more too )


I think it's most beautiful when the eyebrows start exactly where the nose ends, if you would continue to paint the nose line on your forehead. If you understand that. So just like with the model. If the eyebrows start at this corner of the eye, I don't think that's nice at all and it mostly bothers me

I see that too. I googled a little extra and I also think it's nicest when not too much has been plucked away inside. For me, three fingers fit in between (!!)


But everything grows back ... eyebrows are really a constant process ...


But you can just let it grow (and not go there anymore ...).

Your word in God's ear. The stupid thing is that I have quite thick eyebrows and have not had them plucked too thin. Therefore, at the moment I have beautiful and geometrically perfectly shaped, rather thick Liz Taylor eyebrows, but they are too far out. And because they're so thick, it's even more noticeable.

But my biggest fear is that my eyebrows will one day be too thin and nothing will grow back. Hopefully it will grow back quickly. I read it from 6 months ago. Hopefully it'll be faster for me.

I've had my eyebrows raised 3 times in my life and it's never been perfect yet. What do I have to look out for with a beautician? This time I was in a waxing studio and the lady recently waxed me perfectly in other places. And since she also has pretty eyebrows herself, I thought she'd get mine in shape too.