How do I play PlayStation online

How to play online with your PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

If the PlayStation Network was still free to use on the PS3, a fee is charged for the PlayStation 4 in order to be able to play online. For this you now need a PlayStation Plus account. You can choose to book the subscription for one, three or twelve months.

Not for nothing: All information about online use of the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4: what you need to know in order to play online

With PlayStation Plus, Sony has installed another source of income. Due to the high volume of online traffic, it is required in order to be able to operate the servers cost-effectively. As a bonus, members also get access to free games.
  • In order to be able to play online with your PlayStation 4 at all, you need a PlayStation Plus membership. This currently costs 59.99 euros per year.
  • There are also memberships for shorter periods of time, around 24.99 euros for three months, so that a suitable variant is always available for you. Alternatively, you can buy PlayStation Plus for 8.99 euros for one month. Depending on which subscription you have chosen, the amount will be debited regularly. The notice periods are also based on the length of membership.
  • If you are a PlayStation Plus member, the fun can begin. All you have to do is connect the PlayStation 4 to the internet. This can be done either via LAN cable or via a wireless connection. Both types of connection can be set individually and offer good speeds, but the cable is less susceptible to interruption.
So you need a PlayStation Plus membership and a good internet connection to play online with your PlayStation 4. The investment is worth it, as many titles are specially developed for online mode.

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