Seems like someone hates outdoor camping

Why Camping Is Cool - The Benefits Of A Camping Vacation

Some hate it, others love it. There doesn't seem to be anything in between. For many travelers, a camping holiday with a caravan or tent is out of the question, while for other holidaymakers the greatest thing is to spend their holiday on a campsite. Opinions differ. Nevertheless, you should definitely try camping as a holiday option, because camping is very easy and relaxed.

Individual and self-determined

The daily rhythm of breakfast times, cleaning service and check-outs is planned in the hotel. And: The most beautiful hours of the day are just beginning because it is slowly getting evening and the temperature is really pleasant. Not for you, because dinner is served at 19:00 in the guesthouse you have booked. Please take a fresh shower beforehand, wash your hair and dress neatly ...

In the caravan or tent, on the other hand, you can really sleep in, because as a camper you can decide for yourself when breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. And of course you can limit yourself to just preparing breakfast and a small lunch yourself. In the evening you can simply go out to eat and enjoy the “dolce vita”…. :-). Or you can have a picnic on the beach as the sun goes down. In swimming trunks and bikini. The decisive difference to package holidays: You do it when you want and how you want it….

Are the children doing well, are the parents doing well ...

Campsites are usually more family-friendly than hotels. Playing children are much less likely to be a nuisance here. And nowhere else do children socialize faster and easier than at the campsite and are so much in the fresh air. You can be out and about all day and still move around in the safe, closed environment of the campsite. If the children are hungry, you can quickly prepare a little something. Then they are usually gone again ...

Particularly cheap for families

A "room" with a sea view right on the beach is available from € 10. Where else can you get that? If you just want to try out camping at first, you can rent a tent or caravan. The larger purchase of a caravan is only worthwhile if you have got a taste for it. If this is used over several years, its costs will soon be amortized by the cheap vacations.

Camping or “Glamping”?

Rest in the full bosom of nature: who wouldn't want that on vacation? But maybe a little more? Do you love the casual atmosphere of a holiday at the campsite but still don't want to miss out on comfort and luxury? Nature is all well and good, but with a comfortable bed, a proper toilet and a cocktail at sunset, please. Welcome to glamping! In order to reconcile these two apparently contradicting demands - nature and luxury - a new trend has developed in the travel world in recent years: glamping! The word is made up of the English words glamor and camping and stands for luxury camping.

What is allowed is what you like?

In the Nordic countries (with the exception of Denmark) and Scotland, the so-called “Everyman's Right” still applies today. Under certain conditions, it also allows privately owned camping on land. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that nothing is damaged and no waste is left behind. And in order to be able to camp closer than 150 meters to an inhabited house (including holiday huts), the consent of the residents must be obtained.

Excellent camping!

In Austria, however, "wild" camping is forbidden and is only permitted in marked places. Therefore, you can stay overnight on a campsite that has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel.