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Hotels and accommodations in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai you can expect a variety of overnight accommodations in all price ranges. Here you will find a selection of the most popular hotels and accommodations.

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Chiang Mai is a popular starting point for temple tours and trekking excursions in the surrounding area. There is a wide range of sights and tours in Chiang Mai.

Depending on the budget, Chiang Mai also offers very different accommodations. There are a lot of hostels with dormitories in the Old Town, but of course there are also hotels with more retreat options if you want to relax from a strenuous day trip.

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The popular Somwang Boutique Hotel offers a central location in the old town, good rooms and a beautiful pool. You can find the hotel here on Booking.com and here on Agoda. You can find further hotel tips in different price ranges as well as recommendations for tours at the end of the article.

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Hotels in Chiang Mai

There are two popular neighborhoods in which I would like to introduce you to accommodations: One is the Old Town and the other is the area around Nimmanhaemin Road, also known as the Nimman Area.

Both quarters have their advantages. While there are many temples and markets to marvel at in the Old Town, hip cafes and shopping opportunities can be found in the Nimman Area. So it all depends on what you're up to in Chiang Mai. I would therefore like to introduce you to different accommodation options in different price categories in both parts of the city.

Hotels in the Old Town in Chiang Mai

Below are some recommendations divided into three price ranges.

Low budget accommodation in Chiang Mai's old town

Our recommendations: The Me U2 Hostel offers free WiFi and beds in the dormitory from 5 euros per night. The popular accommodation is right next to the old town (Booking.com / Agoda). The Aparthotel Chiangmun Boutique is located in the heart of Chiang Mai and offers inexpensive rooms as well as bike rental (Booking.com / Agoda).

Further accommodations:

In the old town there are a lot of possibilities to find a cheap but good place to sleep. Since there are a lot of backpackers in Chiang Mai, the old town is very well prepared for low-budget travelers. You can get very cheap in a dormitory of the PM Guesthouses (from 5 €) overnight. There are also well-rated beds in the dormitory Great Chiangmai Hostels (from 5 €).

The Mint House (from 8 €) offers beautiful rooms that Junior Guesthouse (from 9 €) even has a whirlpool ready and that Wayside Guesthouse (from € 10) is in a very good location. These are other low-budget options 60Blueshouse (from 11 €), the House No. 11 (from 12 €) and Baan Nam Sai Hotel (from 13 €)

Accommodation in the medium price range

Our recommendations: The Somwang Boutique Hotel is very popular. It offers chic rooms and a great pool in a central location (Booking.com / Agoda). If you want to see something different, the Buri Gallery House is in good hands. The cozy rooms have a traditional Thai design. Top location and pool! (Booking.com / Agoda)

More tips:

Those who have a medium price budget, of course, also have a variety of options to choose a nice place to stay. The La Pillow8 Guesthouse (from 30 €) is in a very good location, the Hug Bed and Breakfast (from 31 €) has nice rooms and im De Charme Hotel (from 34 €) even a nice pool awaits you.

Other well-rated accommodations are Chan Chiangmai House (from 36 €), Koko Palm Inn (from 36 €) and that Mini boutique house (from 39 €).

Luxury hotels and resorts

Our recommendations: The Phra Singh Village is stylish and comfortably furnished. In addition to free bicycles, the hotel offers its guests an outdoor pool and a fitness center (Booking.com / Agoda). Chala Number6 is a chic luxury resort in the old town. Nice hotel complex with pool and other leisure activities. (Booking.com / Agoda).

More tips:

If you want to have a really good time and don't have to keep an eye on your wallet, you will also find a range of luxury accommodations. The Rachamankha a Member of Secret Retreats Hotel (from 330 €) offers exclusive suites. This offers great tree house suites Baan Boo Loo Village (from 130 €). in the U Chiang Mai Hotel (from 124 €) you can expect a great pool and beautiful rooms. Other luxury options are, for example Makka Hotel (from 98 €) and that Kodchasri Thani Hotel (from 96 €).

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Accommodation in the Nimman Area in Chiang Mai

Popular with tourists: Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai.

Low budget

If you have to save your wallet and want to sleep in the hip district of the Nimman Area, you can find yourself in a dormitory of the 2230 hostels (from 5 €) or a bed in the dormitory of the Two Gals and a Pig Boutique Hostels (from 7 €). You can also get inexpensive on the 4th floor of a shopping mall in Baan Din Ki Hotel (from 13 €) or in the well-rated Baan Say La Guesthouse (from 14 €). That was also found to be good, for example Sabai Day Guesthouse (from 15 €), the Le Plateau Hotel (from 15 €), the The Pause Hostel (from 17 €) and that Baiyoke Ciao Hotel (from 23 €)

Hotels with a medium price level

You can also find mid-range hotels in the Nimman Area in Chiang Mai. It has particularly good reviews Yesterday hotel (from 30 €) with its beautiful rooms. Besides, this is Chiang Mai Chiayo Hotel (from 32 €) very popular in its modern style. You can also refer to the good ratings of the The Artel Nimman Hotels (from 32 €) trust. You can find more interesting offers in the medium budget in Sanae Hotel Chiang Mai (from 39 €) and in S17 @ Nimman Hotel (from 40 €).

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Luxury hotels and resorts

If you are looking for accommodation in the luxury segment, you will of course also find something in the Nimman Area. The Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel Chiang Mai by Compass Hospitality (from 118 €) has a very good location and is only a few minutes' walk from the large MAYA shopping mall. The Eastin Tan Hotel Chiang Mai (from 154 €) has a very nice pool. More hotels of the luxury class are Egg Colony Hotel (from 117 €) and that Honey Home @ Nimman (from 117 €).

Chiang Mai tours

There is a lot to experience in Chiang Mai! The best way to discover the city's many beautiful temples is on a bike tour through the historic old town!
During an authentic Thai cooking class with a stroll through the market, you will discover the secrets of Thai cuisine and enjoy a delicious local meal. A trip to the Elephant Retirement Park is also popular with Chiang Mai visitors. Here you can learn more about the rescued elephants and watch them in a mud bath.
From Chiang Mai you can also take a day tour to the White Temple with a detour to the Golden Triangle. Or you can take part in a tour to Doi Inthanon National Park and enjoy the views from Thailand's highest mountain.

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