How does Roblox help or hurt children

Family guide to Roblox games

In addition to understanding Roblox itself, it's also important to look at a few specific games to get a deeper understanding of why kids and teens play it so often and what to look for.

When setting up Roblox, make sure you have the correct configuration set up in the user account for the game. There is some really good information on the Roblox Parents page. Setting it to Restricted will ensure that your child can only access games that Roblox has identified as eligible. Also, you can specify how they interact with other players on the platform and who they can be friends with.

Roblox itself is rated PEGI 7 “because it exhibits unrealistic violence in a kid-friendly environment or context, mild violence that does not involve obvious damage or injury to human-like characters and images or sounds that are likely to be frightening to young children . "

However, the specific experiences in each of its games are not covered by the PEGI rating as it is viewed as user-generated content - created by the game's players, not the game manufacturer.

Hence, it is important to understand these user created games in order to be able to guide your child to the best Roblox games for them. While there are many popular titles out there, here are details about four of the most popular games and how they work:

Choose Me

Choose Me is a game about adopting and raising different pets. You can also decorate your house and unlock vehicles. Much of this you can do without making additional purchases, but over time there is a drive to sell items that allow you to access rarer pets.

There are five ranks: common, uncommon, rare, extremely rare, and legendary. The most valuable legendary pets are the dragon, king / queen bee, owl, crow, reindeer, turtle, kangaroo, unicorn, griffin, ninja monkey, and kitsune. You train your pets by completing tasks. Once the four of you are fully grown, you can trade them in for an even rarer neon pet with glowing parts. You can then do this four times to trade them in for a Mega Neon Pet that glows in the rainbow.

You can make small in-game purchases of eggs using the currency that you buy with real money. This can increase your chances of getting a rare pet. You are also encouraged to earn stars and win special eggs on consecutive days. This means that some items in the game represent many thousands of hours of gameplay and are of great value.

It is important to play this game with younger children. This ensures that they don't spend too much in the game, but also uses the experience to develop an understanding of the value in a virtual world.

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Phantom powers

Phantom Forces is another popular Roblox game. This is characterized by the finely tuned challenge that it offers the players.

It is a shooting game where you play on an online team and try to get more points than the other side. It's a game that offers a great alternative to more violent shooting games like Call of Duty or Battlefield for players who are not old enough for these games. Even though the graphics are cartoony, it is still about using knives and guns to kill the other players.

The game contains red splatters that are supposed to look like blood. In some modes, the enemies stay on the ground after being killed. It's worth playing this game yourself first or watching some footage here before letting your child play the game.

It also includes in-game purchases that offer loot box-style boxes. These are opened with a spin flourish to reveal random cosmetic skin to various weapons in the game. Although the cost of a single purchase is not high, as you will need multiple skins of a given rarity to trade against the rarer versions, multiple purchases are likely.

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Breakout is a game in which players take on either the role of the police or the convict. When you are in jail, you need to escape and then find the hiding place before doing various robberies and robberies. If you are the police, try to catch the robbers and get them back to jail.

This simple premise has been expanded to include a large and detailed world, many weapons, and vehicles over the years. There are also a large number of different heists that players can pick up - even hold up a cargo ship while it steals its goods.

While there is shooting and fighting in the game, the game is kept entertaining and done in the Cops-n-Robbers playground style. However, there are many purchases that you can make in the game. These range from expansive vehicles to specialty fuel that gives you an edge over other players.

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MeepCity is a playful social game in which you build and decorate a house before interacting with other players and taking on other tasks.

This is another game that started out fairly simple but has now grown to offer a wide variety of activities. These range from fishing to a full Mario Kart-style racing game. Each of the different things to do is in the interconnected Hub Worlds, which serve as both a map and a place where they can meet and interact with other players.

While most in-game purchases are quite cheap, it's important to note that there are a large number of things to buy. You can earn the currency to get these items, but many players want to spend real money to access them faster.

There is a nice feature that you can use to gift items and currency to other players. When used well, this can be a great way to encourage generosity in your child's play. However, some care should be taken to ensure that they are not misled into giving away high quality items.

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