How do advertising agencies use LinkedIn

LinkedIn tips and ideas for businesses

LinkedIn is an American social network that specializes in work and careers. The social network is now the largest professional network with 562 million users. The real strength of LinkedIn for businesses is the ability to connect, fuel brand growth, and generate leads. If your LinkedIn marketing presence is limited to a personal page, it's time to get started with these tips and a company page:


Set up a professional profile

Like on other social networks, the profile on LinkedIn is the figurehead of your company. On your company page, members can learn more about your company, your brand and your current vacancies. For this reason, it should be meaningful, engaging, and up-to-date.

When the profile is set up, you can add administrators (employees and Co.) to the page.


Get started and get active

After the page has been successfully set up, it is important to: get active. News from your company, articles and specialist contributions or a look behind the scenes are suitable for this. Rich media, such as videos from your YouTube channel, are also suitable. It is important to provide users with added value with the content.

In order to build up an audience quickly, it is useful to invite colleagues and employees to network with the company website.


Join and use LinkedIn groups

With the active participation in a LinkedIn group, you can network yourself and your company and draw attention to your company page. If there is no suitable LinkedIn group, you can create a group yourself.


Evaluate LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn supports your marketing presence with detailed analyzes. In this way, you can find out what content your followers are most likely to interact with and what demographic characteristics it has.


We would be happy to help you better link your company and integrate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy.