What is IPO brokering

IPO - information and news on the subject of initial public offering

The IPO is the beginning of every successful company on the stock exchange. The abbreviation IPO stands for “Initial Public Offering” and, to put it simply, describes a company's IPO.

Initial Public Offering means “first public offer”. With the IPO, interested investors will for the first time have the opportunity to acquire shares in a company that is going public. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the IPO. We explain in an easy and understandable way what exactly an IPO is, the reasons for an IPO and how the so-called “going public” works and works. We also present potential IPO candidates in 2021 and analyze current IPOs.

IPO 2021: News about current and planned IPOs

It takes a long time for speculation about an IPO to become an actual IPO. The first news and reports about IPOs spread long before it is definitely clear when and whether an IPO will take place.

In our IPO News we will keep you up to date on possible new issues in 2021 and how promising an IPO is. Anyone who wants to buy IPO shares depends on expert knowledge, because an IPO does not always lead to an immediate price increase. And since there is no price history that can be analyzed with the chart technique, the stock trader has to rely on news and a professional evaluation of the company (fundamental analysis), for example on the basis of company key figures. That is why we take a close look at companies that are currently going public and monitor the development of their shares after an IPO.

IPO companies at a glance

In the case of IPO shares that are in high demand, the first few days after an IPO, it is not uncommon for them to see high price increases - even doubling or more has been observed.

However, an IPO does not always work without any problems. For example, trading in Facebook shares only started with a long delay due to server problems. There are also many examples of stocks that initially rose sharply, but suffered losses after a short period of time. Other stocks barely rose and began to fall promptly. Uber shares, for example, traded more than 10 percent below their opening price 4 months after the IPO. And this despite the fact that many investors and analysts were hoping for major price jumps. An IPO is therefore no guarantee of secure profits. In order to make your trading decisions easier for you, we keep an eye on all the important IPO companies and report on the latest events in the field of IPOs.

IPO news

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Coinbase share IPO: trading platform for cryptocurrencies before going public

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