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n. being under the influence of depressants or other drugs (especially for recreational use); idling, relaxing, or vegetating (especially due to drugs or alcohol or their after-effects); vegging out, chilling out, or chillaxing.
n. under the influence of sedatives or other drugs (especially fashion drugs); lounging, relaxing, or hanging out (especially due to drugs or alcohol or their aftereffects); hang out, relax.
We continued to Little Havana (Calle Ocho). My touristy expectations were quite fulfilled 😀 Old Cubans playing Domino in Maximo Gomez Park - just as I imagined 😉 Or just chillaxing.
Then we went to Little Havana in the calle Ocho, mine Touristic pre-formed expectations were fully met! Old Cubans playing dominoes in Maximo Gomez Park - as I had imagined!
So you were just ... you were just sitting around, chillaxing, just kicking like a chicken?
Um you just - you just sat here relaxed, pushed a quiet ball?
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