Are people with grandchildren happier than elders

“Nothing makes me happier than my grandchildren” - there are many comments of this kind on Facebook, where our readers express themselves very directly. We wanted to know more about it and asked some time ago: Why is it so nice to be a grandma or grandpa? Here are a few results from our survey.

We deliberately do not want to comment on whether children are all monsters, as one grandma writes with a smile. Her contribution is always interesting, because she continues: “We make fools of ourselves, who annoy and, and, and; but when our little one says: Omi, nice that you were born ’, then I cry snot and water, I love them all."

Marion sums up what is special about grandchildren: “A smile from my two children makes you forget all grief. Who else would do it in such a short time? " The laughter of the grandchildren as the greatest treasure on earth; Dagmar feels the same way: “My heart opens when I see my two. This carefree, this happiness is immediately transferred to me. "

Cecile also knows how good it is to simply listen to a child or tell him old fairy tales. She enjoys watching a child grow up and rediscovering the world with him. This also includes listening to worries and giving consolation - “especially when the parents do not want the child to want it”.

Alida describes the difference between being a grandparent and being a parent: “In old age you have the knowledge and the mildness to help guide children - and in the evening they are back with their mother. Grandma and Grandpa are important people in a child's life and can have a positive effect on the life of their grandchildren. "

Two readers also describe the fact that it is sometimes good to be able to put grandchildren back into the care of their parents. So Karin writes with various exclamation marks: “Exactly, spoil !!!! And give it up if you don't see it !!! ” Regina sees it similarly: You can pamper the children so beautifully "and give them back if they are not good."

Some, such as Eva-Maria, emphasize that you have to become “young again” through your grandchildren: “So about‘ Grandma hop ’- and you have to recall things that you thought you had forgotten for a long time. For example when my granddaughter says ‘Grandma 1 shift’. Then I think of all the fairy tales, which I then modify a little because my granddaughter is just two years old. "

Almost everyone agrees that being a grandparent is “something really big” and that grandma and grandpa experience everything very intensely. Birgit writes: "Such a child is simply a miracle." And asserts that grandparents “can be different from their parents”. Above all, it is important to be there, which should not degenerate. "When a kiss comes back or something is entrusted to you, you are simply blessed," says Birgit.

Another point: some grandparents deliberately make up for time with their grandchildren that they did not have for their children for various reasons. Some only find “the time and attention to watch and enjoy the growth and development” as a grandmother. Anyone who has always believed that becoming a grandma or grandpa is something like a new love feels confirmed when you read: "The first wet kiss ... What can make you happier?"

Elisabeth's grandchildren simply keep them “young and fit” and Erika adds: “My grandson gives me so much in terms of joie de vivre and cuddles. Even if I come back from work exhausted and then stop by my grandson, the sun will rise again in my heart. I am so proud of my grandson and of course my daughter. "

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