What is Soylent Green

Soylent is human flesh !!

To get straight to the point: No, Soylent is not human flesh. It is doubtful whether the solid food replacement from software developer Rob Rhinehart would otherwise find such huge sales. However, the naming of his nutrition shake, which is aimed at pure efficiency, does not lack a certain self-irony. Im from the Harry Harrison classicNew York 1999 inspired movie Year 2022 ... that survivewant (Original title: Solyent Green) it's about a miracle meal similar to the drink designed by Rhinehart: Soylent Green is the most nutritious and cheapest source of food for half the world's population in the future eco-dystopia of the film. Green square tablets, which are said to be a concentrate of plankton, provide all of the vital nutrients and do not even taste bad.

Rhinehart's invention Soylent can be described in a similar way. Although this is about a yellowish, doughy drink and not about green tablets, this also provides all the necessary nutrients that should be present in a balanced diet and thus makes the consumption of all other foods (with the exception of water) completely unnecessary.

This is where the similarities end, because in … Year 2022… they survivewant Charlton Heston discovers with a grimace on his face that the popular super dish is made from dead people rather than plankton. "Soylent Green is human flesh !!" is the insight he uttered, which from then on should run through half of popular culture as a phrase (Simpsons, Cloud Atlas).

Rhinehart's Soylent product, on the other hand, consists only of various concentrates: protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. The nutrients are carefully weighed in powder form to the nearest microgram and mixed with oil and water. In the USA you can already buy the powder mix including oil and prepare it in no time at all. What effects this diet will have in the long-term test, however, is still in the stars. Rhinehart himself has been using his product for over a year now and doesn't seem to have any complaints. Nutritionists, however, are even more than skeptical. Soylent definitely has revolutionary potential. It remains to be seen whether this will develop or whether the nourishment shake will simply go down in history as another product for “Solyent Green is human flesh !!” allusions.

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