At what PSI could Mike Tyson beat

Mike Tyson's impact force in kg

The striking force largely determines the outcome of the fight. There's no such person who doesn't know the name of Mike Ty on, the famous boxer. one blows struck one for a long time


The strength of the strike largely determines the outcome of the fight. There is no such person who does not know the name of Mike Tyson, the famous boxer. His blows knocked out one opponent after another for a long time.

Mike Tyson is considered to be one of the best boxers in the world who won most of the fights during his professional and amateur career by knocking out his opponents. That's why a lot of people are very interested in how strong Mike Tyson's punch is in kg.

What is impact force?

All combat characteristics can be roughly divided into three basic indicators: strength, speed and technique.

Such a concept as "impact force" is familiar to many. However, not everyone can give the correct interpretation of this term.

This is essentially the rate of increase in strength, i.e. the fighter's body weight multiplied by the acceleration.

Unit of impact force

The unit of measurement is not kg at all, but psi is a non-systemic unit of measure for pressure, which numerically equals 6894.75729 Pa. Psi - pound power per square inch. This unit of measure is most commonly used overseas, primarily in the United States.

It should be said that in some countries (for example Iran) instead of the term "psi" the name "pound" is used, which means "pound" in English. This exchange of terminology is considered incorrect.

Since the impact force is not measured with absolute accuracy, the indicator obtained during the examination may have a small error.

Mike Tyson - who is that?

Mike Tyson is an American professional boxer nicknamed "Iron Mike". For thirty years, namely from 1985 to 2005, he played in the heavyweight division. During his career, Mike Tyson had 58 fights, 50 of which ended in a win.

Also, Mike Tyson had 60 fights as an amateur. Only six of them ended in the famous athlete's defeat.

He is the founder of his own advertising company. In addition, Mike Tyson was involved in the shooting of two documentaries and wrote the screenplay for the autobiographical film Tyson in 1994. In 2016, the title athlete played in one of the main roles in the movie "Ip Man3".

Mike Tyson's sporting achievements

Besides the fact that Mike Tyson has won most of his fights, he has many titles and titles. The athlete was twice champion of the youth Olympic tournaments in 1981 and 1982.

In addition, Mike Tyson is a silver medalist in the 1983 Golden Gloves tournament and two gold medals in the nineteenth and twentieth national championships in 1983 and 1984.

In 1984 the athlete became the heavyweight division champion of the Golden Gloves tournament. In the same year Mike Tyson became the winner of the "Tournament of Champions".

Tyson is the undisputed world champion in heavyweight boxing.

Mike Tyson's clout

An outstanding athlete's blow is so strong that it can kill a person. Mike Tyson's impact force is measured to be around 800 kg or 1800 psi. Thanks to his incredible strength, Mike Tyson has beaten 44 out of a possible 58 fights throughout his career.

Greatest impact force

Tyson isn't the only athlete who can deliver a devastating blow. There are other athletes with record breaking power. The strongest blow in the history of the existence of such a sport as boxing is considered to be the blow of Ernie Shavers. The impact strength is approximately 1900 psi.

The oldest heavyweight champion, George Foreman, has the same clout. 1500 psi - that's exactly the number for Max Bear's strike. There is even a legend that the athlete knocked out the bull twice. By the way, George Foreman is an absolutely invincible athlete. The boxer won most of his wins by knockout.

In 1930 Max Bär dealt his rival Ernie Schaaf a fatal blow during a boxing match. And six months later, the famous athlete's blow caused the opponent to have a stroke during the fight, which led to his death.

Famous boxer Joe Fraser had an impact force of 1800 psi. It was he who defeated heavyweight champion Mohammed Ali for the first time. The athlete knocked out his rivals for a long time, despite the existing defect - cataract on the left eye.

The incredible power of Joe Freuser's punch is explained by the fact that the bones of the left hand did not heal properly after the fracture, which resulted in the geometry of the athlete's upper extremity being disrupted. The boxer's arm practically did not bend. This contributed to the infliction of crushing blows.

Many boxing fans consider the Samoan boxer David Tua to be the greatest punch. Experts are sure that the athlete with a force of 1024 kg can strike with his left hand.

It is worth noting that the above athletes had not only incredible clout, but also good technique for their execution, thanks to which the boxers won fights and earned their titles.

This is how you increase the clout

If desired, the impact force can be increased. To do this, a person's body weight must increase, since the strength indicator is directly related to the weight of the athlete. Also, in order to make the fist like a hammer, some teenagers specifically stuff the surface of the fist and knock the knuckles down.

In addition, professional athletes and experts recommend using an open palm instead of a full fist when striking. This is due to the fact that the second striking method is not only more traumatic, but also dampens about a quarter of the possible striking force.

It should be noted that in addition to weight, the strength indicator is also influenced by the technique of striking used and the accuracy of its execution. Therefore, in order to increase strength, it is necessary not only to promote the growth of the athlete's body weight, but also to constantly improve the technique of striking.

It is recommended to do push-ups on the palms of the hands with a narrow setting. You need to place your palms so that there is a triangle between them. Also, the person's palms should be parallel to the chin.

To increase punching power, an exercise such as push-ups on fists with a tight setting is ideal. In this way, the side impact force can be increased.

Skipping ropes and sports exercises with dumbbells also help increase the force of impact, it is worth noting that the rope not only helps increase the strength indicator, but also helps improve a person's general physical condition.

You need to understand that the result of the fight and success depends not only on the strength of the blow, but also on its technique of execution. If an athlete who is the owner of the strongest blow is unable to achieve victories for a long time, it is necessary to revise the technique of performing the blow or improve his skills.


Striking power is one of the main indicators of the physical ability of an athlete involved in boxing. The owner of the strongest punch is currently considered the absolute boxing world champion Mike Tyson (punching power - 800 kg).

His punches were so "grueling" that most of the athletes who were Mike's rivals were eliminated in the first four rounds. Mike Tyson's impact force (in kg) is one of the strongest indicators. Since this indicator is not measured with absolute accuracy, the research indicators may have minor errors.