Why are my lips discolored?

Blue lips: what to do

Cold causes blue lips in many people. If the discoloration occurs in other situations, there could be serious illnesses behind it, for which you should consult a doctor.

Cold makes lips blue

In winter or after swimming, it is easy for your lips to turn blue: this protects your body from the cold. Your veins constrict and your blood flows more slowly. The blood that has already given up its oxygen can only flow out more slowly and fresh, oxygen-containing blood can only flow in slowly. Blood with a low oxygen content is bluish in color and shows through particularly quickly in areas with thin skin - discoloration usually first appears on your lips, earlobes and fingertips.

For your lips to turn blue, the outside temperature doesn't even have to be particularly low. "The decisive factor is always the subjective temperature sensation", as the online edition of the Rheinische Post "RP Online" explains. If your lips turn blue from the cold, you can only remedy this with warmth, then your lips will turn red again by themselves For example, a hot chocolate or tea, take a relaxing bath and don't miss out on your hat and scarf on your next winter walk. If you want to hide your blue lips, only lipstick or tinted lip balms, with which you care for your lips, will help.

Poor blood circulation

If the bluish discoloration of your lips occurs even in situations where you are not exposed to the cold, you may have poor blood circulation. Then your body cannot be adequately supplied with oxygen and it turns blue. You can stimulate your blood circulation by exercising regularly and drinking plenty of fluids. Since persistent circulatory disorders can have serious causes, you should definitely consult a doctor in this case.

Severe heart disease can sometimes be the trigger - your heart would then no longer be able to pump hard enough and to transport the oxygen-poor blood away. You should also seek medical advice if the blue discoloration occurs acutely. In the worst case, there could be a blood clot that needs immediate treatment.

Lung problems

If you do not have circulatory problems but keep bruising your lips, you should have your doctor examine you for pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. The poor supply of oxygen can also be caused by an impaired lungs that you need treatment. Diagnosing pneumonia can be difficult - be sure to tell your doctor about the color of your lips if you don't have a heart condition or asthma. Another cause can also be heavy smoking, which puts a lot of strain on your lungs and thus deteriorates the supply of oxygen.

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