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14 characters from your childhood that you see very differently as an adult.

As you get older, you start to see things from a different perspective. You have probably already noticed this - for example, while watching films, did you catch yourself being on the side of your parents - and no longer on the side of the rebellious teenage boy? Well, the maturation process is probably starting to take off for you too. It's interesting when you look at the characters from films, cartoons and series, and see them in a completely different light nowadays. Take, for example, Red from the series "The Wild Seventies" - while he used to get on your nerves as a "nagging old bastard", now you can see that Eric was the real idiot and that his father had more than one reason to nag gave. Here are 14 figures that you will see with completely different eyes as an adult!

# 1 Helga from "Hey, Arnold!"

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As a kid, I thought she was an ugly, weird girl. As an adult, I was overwhelmed to realize how neglected she was. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father was a narcissist who preferred Olga. Most of the characters have pretty sad stories. This show was deep and I never noticed it as a kid. ”- Anna

# 2 Donald Duck

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"Donald Duck. As a kid, I thought he was lazy and boring. The older I get, the more I can identify with him. ”- Christian

# 3 Daniel from Hillard Mrs. Doubtfire

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“As a kid, I thought it was unfair that his wife left him and took the kids because he was such a fun guy. However, as an adult, I can understand why she did it. ”- Albert

# 4 Mr. Wilson from "Dennis"

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"Mr. Wilson from Dennis. The kid is really a nerve cheek, and his parents don't give a shit to stop him. ”- Christina

# 5 Hank Hill

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“As a kid, I thought Hank Hill was a real jerk who made his son's life hell. Now I see that he has a whole bunch of emotional problems brought up by his upbringing - even if he doesn't do much to address them. He really does the best he can and he usually gets by in the end. ”- Lisa

# 6 All parents in Disney movies

“All parents in every Disney movie. They are just trying to get through life and they have to deal with annoying 15 year old princesses. ”- Frank

# 7 Ariel, the mermaid

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Arielle: "Dad, I'm 16, I'm an adult and I can do what I want!"
Me with 7: “Exactly! You are already fully grown up, Arielle! Go ‘and run after this guy with whom you've never spoken to before!"
Me at 22: “Oh my god, you are still a child. What are you actually thinking of? ”- Silke

# 8 Naani from "Lilo & Stitch"

"As a child she was the overstrict 'mother' and always angry, while Lilo was the poor lost child who was blamed for everything."
As an adult, the movie is heartbreaking. Nani is a young child herself who does her best to keep her family together in the worst of circumstances, and she has become one of my all time favorite characters just because she is totally relatable. ”- Johanna

# 9 Talk about the "Wild 70s"

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“I always thought he was a total idiot. Now I know Eric was the fool. I feel old. ”- Elias

# 10 Squidward

“I also worked in service once and I know how bad you are. I'll take everything back, Squidward! ”-Alex

# 11 The mother at "Malcolm in the Middle"

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“When I was a kid, I thought she was a terrible brake on fun. Now that I have grown up, I see that these children were destructive monsters. ”- Ina

# 12 Ned Flanders from the Simpsons

“When I was little I thought he was naive and a pushover. As an adult, I see that he had so much compassion in his heart that he selflessly gave everything to Homer and tolerated his bad treatment ”. - Mike

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# 13 Randy Marsh from South Park

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"I can somehow identify with him." - Frank

# 14 Al Bundy from "A Terribly Nice Family"

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As a kid, I thought of him, “Poor guy. Shitty job, shitty car and nagging woman. "
As an adult: “Nice. Stable job, has a car, a nice house, and a sex-obsessed hot wife. ”- Oliver

Have you also started to see your former favorite characters differently? And if so, which ones? Tell us in the comments!