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Éamon is an Irish masculine given name. It is an Irish form of the English Edmund, which is derived from an old English name with the elements ēad ("prosperity, wealth") and mouth ("protector"). An alternative form of Éamon is Éaman and Éamann. Anglicized forms of Éamon are Eamon and Eamonn.
Euan [juːən] (also Ewen, Eoghan or most commonly Ewan) is a male given name used in Scotland and Canada. Its meaning is "brave young warrior". It is derived from the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word Eoghan (youth). It is also rarely a family name.
Eoin (older spelling Eóin, pronunciation [o: nʲ], English often [ˈoʊ.ən]) is a male given name that comes from the Irish and Scottish-Gaelic-speaking areas. It is the Gaelic form of the name Johannes or the name John.
Eamon (also Éamon, Eámon) or Eamonn (analogous to Éamonn, Eámonn) (all variants / i: mən /) is an Irish male given name, derived from the name Éamonn, which in turn is the Irish variant of Edmund (from Old English ead: rich , blessed by happiness). For the origin and meaning of the name, see also here.
Enda is an Irish masculine given name.

More male Irish first names:

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