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Telephone information: an overview of costs, services and more

Telephone information: an overview of costs, services and more
Image: In earlier times, the classic Deutsche Bundespost telephone directory assistance was initially free of charge, but later it was available for a low fixed price. Today, however, the costs for the service are comparatively high: those who use the Deutsche Telekom directory assistance service, which has been available for a long time on 11833, pay 1.99 euros per minute. Since the liberalization of the telecommunications market, there has not only been, for example, call-by-call for calls via alternative providers, telephone directory assistance is also offered by a large number of companies. The fees for an inquiry differ greatly: Minute prices of up to 2.99 euros are possible, some providers also charge a one-time connection fee, the billing cycle also varies. For calls that are not made from the Telekom landline network, different charges may apply if the number can be reached at all: Only users in the network of the Bonn company have the full choice of provider, especially the cheap information services are sometimes not accessible from third-party networks.

The services of the directory assistance providers vary widely

Telephone information: an overview of costs, services and more
Image: With the very different fees, the services offered also vary greatly: There are both information services with a human counterpart and automated information services, the latter usually being cheaper. There are also differences in the details: For example, some providers only offer one information per call, while others also offer their services in foreign languages. Some companies offer different types of service under different phone numbers, which are then tariffed differently.

In any case, caution is advised with the option of direct transfer, which at first glance appears to be comfortable: The costs for the call can differ greatly from the regular charges. Some providers charge up to 1.86 euros per minute, but even more serious information services can incur costs of up to 10 cents per minute. Here, too, different charges may apply for users outside of the Telekom network.

And information is not primarily hidden behind every directory assistance provider: Although the services can in principle be identified by the number range 118xy, attempts have been made to offer "value-added services" via the directory number range. A password can then be entered here, the provider "mediates" for example to an erotic or astro service.

In addition to information for domestic German destinations, there are also international information services. In terms of numbers, alternative providers to Telekom are not very well represented here.

You can find inexpensive information services in the overview of providers for national information and for international information.

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