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HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine

HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine



[Test principle]

The detection principle of the C-reactive protein detection kit (immunofluorescence dry quantification method) is a rapid quantitative immunofluorescence detection technique and a dry chemical chromatographic method. The detection buffer is mixed with the blood sample. The antibody in the buffer is combined with the CRP in the blood to form an antigen-enzyme-antibody complex. The mixed sample is added to the sample well of the reaction plate and spread onto the test strip of the nitrocellulose matrix by capillary action. The complex is being captured by another CRP antibody on the test strip. Hence, the more CRP in the blood, the more conduits accumulate on the test strip. The intensity of the fluorescence signal reflects the amount of CRP that was detected. After reading the immunofluorescence analyzer, the concentration of CRP in the blood sample can be detected.

[Main components]

The product consists of a reaction plate, an ID chip (a / box), a detection buffer, and a sampler.

The test and control lines on the reaction plate were coated with CRP antibodies (1 ± 0.5 mg / mL) and immune complex (1 ± 0.5 mg / mL), respectively.

The assay buffers contain fluorescently labeled C-reactive protein antibodies (2.2 ±. 1 µg / mL) and biotin-biotin (80 ± 40 ng / mL), stabilizer bovine serum albumin, and preservative sodium azide.

(Note: the components of the different batch kits are not interchangeable)

[Storage conditions and the expiration date]

1. Storage conditions: the reaction plate packaging bag should be kept sealed and stored at 4 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and the detection buffer should be kept at 2 ° C ~ 8 ° C. Validity: 12 months (The validity of the reaction plate and detection buffer is the same.)

1. Do not open the reaction plate package when it is not in use. Use it once open.




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1. How to place order of HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine?

A:Firstly we will confirm product details and then send you the Proforma Invoice,

You make payment to us through Alibaba Trade Assurance or T / T, Western Union or MoneyGram,

After we confirm your payment then ship the product to you once finished production.


2. For HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine product, what is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A:For disposable material, we have our own MOQ, for our HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine, our MOQ: 1 piece,


3. What's your guarantee?

A:For most products the guarantee is for 12 months, some products we offer 18 months guarantee.

For HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine, we offer 12 months warranty.

4. What's your delivery time?

A: Usually it is 5 working days if goods are in stock. Within 10 working days if the goods need production, and also the delivery time depands on quantity.

For HC-B014F-1 hsCRP test kit for Chroma machine, the delivery time is 10 working days.

A: The shipping way normally depand on your quantity, total CBM and weight.

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