How important is the question of why

The question of the questions: What is important to you?

Actually a simple question, right?

But most of the time the answer is not immediately clear. You maybe

Without reading any further - what do you think of the question ad hoc?

In everyday life, with all the distractions and apparently 'important' things, we often forget what is really, really important to us. The things that are deeply important to us. The things, the people, the memories that blow us away on a regular basis.

And if you could understand what is really important to you - with a physical object or image - what would it be?

The 1 is important to me campaign

The fact is: "What is important to you?" is a very good and very important question that Foster Huntington is currently traveling through Germany as an ambassador and asking a wide variety of people. And guess what? As universal as the question may be, the answers, like us humans, are extremely individual and exciting.

The good Foster documents the whole trip on video and sometimes meets prominent people on the way.
Anyone can take part in the campaign and upload and share the things that are important to you with photos and a short text and at the same time have the chance to win a professional SLR camera every week as part of a competition (the same one Foster travels with).

In general, Allianz ambassador Foster from Portland, Oregon is a cool dog: In 2011 he quit his job as a designer and bought a VW bus in which he lives. Since then he has been traveling across the United States, surfing, camping and taking photos as if kissed by a muse. He can do what he does and documents his life, his journey on his blog A Restless Transplant.

"Conni, you old house, what is really important to you?"

Before starting this article, I first went through my own life and possessions.

Basically, as a minimalist, I own very little and usually only keep the things that I really need. I hardly have any things with sentimental value.

Friends and family have such a huge place in my life that I couldn't exist without them anyway and they are the essence of my being. Also or precisely because of the many trips and long stays abroad in my life. A strong life needs a strong foundation.

"So then, Conni, you old house, what is important to you now?"

  • Backpack:Stands for my independence, freedom and traveling
  • Diving mask & snorkel: For my love of the sea, water, fishing and diving
  • Laptop: It enables me to work flexibly regardless of location and with my work, such as Planet Backpack, to reach people, to help and to bring my mission to the people who are up for it!
  • Kindle: For all the books that have already changed my life and my view of the world and that continue to shape me
  • Pink stone: For Buddhism and the way to myself, in order to lead a conscious life in harmony with myself and my environment
  • Finie: Which is teaching me what it means to not only take responsibility for yourself. That gives me so much love and joy every day. I can't wait to explore the world with her next year after my long trip to Mexico / South America!

This is what it looks like:


Sebastian from Off the Path has also processed the question of what is important to him in a blog post that you can read here.

Everyone, and you too, will have a different little list of things that are of great importance to you. And maybe these things change from time to time. Just like ourselves.

Just never forget the question ...

What is important to you in life? Let me know in the comments !!

"This article was sponsored by Allianz Campaign 1 is important to me"