What is ASA

What is ASA? Easily explained

Anyone who deals intensively with photography may sooner or later ask themselves what an ASA value is. In our practical tip, we show what the abbreviation stands for.

ASA in photography - what does that mean?

The abbreviation ASA stands for "American Standard Association" and is used to indicate sensitivity to light. In today's usage, the ASA value corresponds exactly to the ISO value.

  • The light sensitivity of modern cameras is called the ISO value. This usually ranges from 100 to about 6400 and indicates how sensitive the sensor is to incident light.
  • The following applies: the higher the ISO value, the higher the sensitivity. At the same time, the image noise increases. A lower ISO value, on the other hand, results in longer shutter speeds and less image noise.
  • ASA is an older unit for photosensitivity. The specification in DIN ("German Institute for Standardization") was also common in the past.
  • The ISO value actually indicates the combination of ASA and DIN value. This has the form "100/21 °", for example.
  • However, due to better legibility, it is now common practice to only specify the sole ASA value as the ISO value. In practice, ISO 100/21 ° has become ISO 100, which corresponds to ASA 100.

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