What's your favorite Adele album

When men cry

Sad songs aren't really my thing. In general, sadness is not my thing. As a teenager, I thought that was a deficit. I thought I lacked depth and that was why I wouldn't feel at home in the melancholy like some of my peers did. While they cherished their gloomy thoughts on the Joy Division soundtrack, I preferred to listen to Black Flag and King Kurt. I was and am mostly in a good mood and I enjoy bringing other people up in a good mood. The music I prefer supports this serene state of mind. I mainly listen to dynamic music that makes me move - that is, dance.
Adele, on the other hand, makes sad songs. Beautiful sad songs. To put it straight away: »21« is my favorite album of 2011. If you don't know it: It's completely mainstream. Adele has just bagged six Grammys and other awards, the album has been in the German top ten for months. Rightly so, because there are only hits on the record. Adele is Amy Winehouse without the stupid drugs. And she writes her own songs. The first time I saw the YouTube video of "Someone Like You" showing Adele's appearance at the Brit Awards 2011, tears ran down my face quite involuntarily. It is an incredibly beautiful, sad song and at the end Adele sobs a little with emotion herself. The last time Otis Reddings made me cry was "For Your Precious Love" many years ago. But Otis is the greatest anyway. And this one record by Harold Budd and Brian Eno, "The Plateaux of Mirror," I once listened to for days in the early 1990s, sick with longing for a woman who couldn't decide for me. Similar to the atmospheric piano playing by Harold Budd, Adele is accompanied in "Someone Like You".
Adele's video has touched 67 million people as much as it did me. Usually I don't care what everyone thinks is good. What everyone thinks is good is mostly junk. I never understood indie pop either. Either you do something pleasant, i.e. popular, and then be happy when a lot of people also like it. Or you make yourself independent of the taste of the majority and produce something weird and wild. Then you don't care if only a few people like your art. Why should pop music only be made for a small club by the initiated? But what do I already know? Usually I take care of the weird and weird and the so-called bad taste. I know my way around that. When it comes to mainstream and pop music, I swim. On the other hand: All of my other friends are exactly such branch snobs as I am. I don't know anyone else who thinks Adele is good too. Except for a friend, who is 63. So Adele is pretty remote in my scene.