What is the Pure Storages Technology Stack


In the first ten years of the new millennium, we developed innovations to efficiently manage the amount of information. Today we are improving the quality. At Pure Storage, we create data platforms that are not only incredibly efficient and fast, but can also handle any workload. As today's data scientists use tools like Spark, Kafka and Elastic to better understand business data, we have created dynamic and powerful platforms. We bring information.

TAI SOLUTIONS offers strategic consulting, implementation and support services to make Pure Storage an integral part of your data management strategy. We help customers get the most out of their data, well beyond their original goals. We create storage and data management systems that capture data of all types and formats on a large scale while maintaining efficiency and performance. Pure Storage plays an important role in our infrastructure portfolio for digital business transformation.

    Software that enables you to make the most of the flash storage potential for the cloud.

  • Pure1

    Cloud-based monitoring, predictive analytics and proactive support.


    The all-flash range for data consolidation and high performance.


    The 100% corporate all-flash for tier 1 applications.


    All-Flash for large-scale cloud deployment


    Infrastructure for quick and easy deployment and management

We are a strategic partner of Pure Storage with over ten years of experience implementing data storage and management solutions for businesses.