Trimming makes the beard grow quickly

Let a full beard grow: It works with these 5 simple steps

The beard has grown in popularity again in recent years. With models and actors, hipsters and classic everyday wearers, the well-groomed beard and with it many different beard styles have come back into fashion. In response to the trend, resourceful companies are selling their "miracle cures" that are supposed to make the beard sprout faster and better.

One thing in advance to save time: One Unfortunately, not everyone can grow a full beard. Certain basic requirements must be met. A few Holes can be concealed with a few tricks, but a certain beard growth is still necessary. In our guide you will not find miracle cures, but extensive tipswith which the growth of a full beard works much better and it also looks perfect in the end.

basic requirements

Unfortunately, when it comes to growing a full beard, they often do the trick Genes a line through the bill. Hair or beard growth is mainly from Dependent on hormones like testosterone. The release of such hormones is unfortunately very difficult to influence and does not necessarily have to affect hair growth (especially not so significantly that it would make a full beard possible).

Especially young people should be told that the strength of the Beard growth increases with age and mostly right begins suddenly. So if you are still young and have little beard, then don't hang your head, because it usually comes earlier, for some people earlier, for others later.

If you already have a certain amount of beard growth, but it is not enough for a full beard, then take a look at our others Beard hairstyles past. Here we introduce many different beards and show how you can grow them (even beards for which you do not need so much beard growth).

From so-called "Miracle Drugs" you should basically keep your fingers off. They are extremely expensive, usually do not help and contain many chemicals which, in the worst case, can even be harmful.

The first step: let the beard grow

However, those who are blessed with a corresponding beard growth can consider themselves lucky and let the beard begin to grow.

At first this will be very unfamiliar and it is not uncommon for some less overgrown areas, spots or even Holes form in the beard. Hair does not grow equally quickly and densely in the different zones. The cheeks are usually less densely overgrown than, for example, the neck, chin or the area below the nose. Holes, on the other hand, often appear on the neck or chin area.

One thing is particularly important here: Perseverance.

For a classic, rather short full beard, you need roughly, depending on your beard growth two to four months.

Most men already begin to shave their beard off completely when faced with such problems. However, these problem areas catch your eye a lot more than other people.

Because even if it may look unpleasant at the beginning, holes, gaps and leaks disappear usually by itself as soon as the beard has reached a certain length. The hair grows later in these areas or is covered by longer hair. So here it is important to let the process run its course and persevere.

As soon as it starts to itch, use beard oil

Anyone who begins to grow a full beard will inevitably come to the phase in which the skin or the Beard starts to itch. This phase will pass and is completely normal.

The cause of these symptoms is due to the skin. She has to get used to the growth of hair. The beard means that less air or moisture reaches the skin, which inevitably leads to dry out leads. In addition, the whiskers prick at the beginning, which also increases the itching.

Once you are in this stage, it is time to start using beard oil lightly.

This point is also very individual. There are also a few men whose skin does not require special care. So you can also wait a week or two and only use beard oil when the itching doesn't go away.

The right beard oil

Anyone who has not yet dealt with the topic will be overwhelmed at this point by many different beard oils with even more different components.

However, only one thing is important here: Don't let yourself go crazy and don't go for the most expensive oil, because it doesn't necessarily have to be the best.

Good beard oils are available from 15 to 20 euros. Above all, they are characterized by natural ingredients out. In addition is the Care effect very important. One recognizes a good care effect quite quickly, because the beard oil is allowed do not move in too quickly and should keep your beard and skin with you throughout the day humidity supply. In addition, it should of course smell good.

If your beard and skin get dry or brittle quickly after use, it is best to try a different oil or vary the amount a little.

Proper application of beard oil

Correct use of beard oil is essential. As already mentioned, the beard oil is primarily there to supply the skin under the beard with moisture and nourishing substances. That has to be Beard oil also incorporated up to this point become. The hair itself doesn't need a lot of oil, otherwise it would look greasy. They should just shine slightly through the oil. The oil ensures that the hair is a little softer, which also helps against itching.

If the beard is very short at first, it should 2 to 3 drops already enough. As soon as the beard gets longer, you can use a little more. It is important to be one healthy mediocrity to find and try a little.

In the Frequency of application there are also differences. Basically, you should only use the oil once a day: preferably in the morning after the beard has been washed and dried. The oil and its components can then be absorbed well into the surface of the skin.

If you have very dry skin, you can use the beard oil twice a day, although this is usually only necessary if you have a long beard.

Wash your beard properly

If your beard starts to get a significant length, you will quickly notice that it needs to be cleaned. Leftover food, excess sebum, and small flakes should be removed. However, there are a few things to consider here.

There are men who get along well with the shampoo, which is also used for the head. However, these shampoos are characterized by the fact that they have a strong degreasing effect. For men who tend to be from the ground up dry skin such shampoos are not suitable, as they further promote dehydration, which in turn leads to itching.

In the first step you can use your classic shampoo and see how your beard develops. If you notice that the skin underneath is getting particularly dry, then you should go to the special beard shampoo to grab. This gets the natural sebum layer.

If you're looking for a particularly mild shampoo for the head and beard, then try products for babies.

The frequency of cleaning also plays an important role. You should only rarely wash your beard with shampoo in order to protect the natural protective layer of the skin. Two to three times a week are sufficient here. You only use lukewarm water for daily cleaning.

Dandruff and dry skin

In addition to the holes and irregular growth of the beard can cause uncomfortable Dandruff arise. Furthermore, the skin on the edges of the beard and underneath it looks very dry.

This can be for a handful of reasons:
  1. Too little beard oil is used and it is not properly worked into the skin.
  2. The beard is washed incorrectly or too often and the skin dries out as a result.
  3. The shampoo has a strong degreasing effect
  4. The beard does not dry properly after washing.
  5. After washing, the beard is blown with air that is too hot.
  6. The skin is not healthy.
  7. Certain external influences such as heating air also lead to dry skin.

If there is no improvement despite more beard oil, less washing or omitting the hair dryer, you should consult a dermatologist who will examine the skin.

Those who suffer from severe dandruff can also try anti-dandruff shampoo for their hair. This also often helps with the beard.

Getting the beard trimmed for the first time

Even if you want to grow a full beard, a regular visit to the hairdresser or barber is very important. You should go to the first visit about 5 weeks plan, although this depends on the individual beard growth. It is important that you give your hair stylist or barber communicates that you want to grow a full beard.

Initially, the hairdresser should only do the Cut the contours a little neatly and trim one or the other irregular spot. Under no circumstances should he take too much away from the beard or set the contour too high up on the neck. However, a good hairdresser knows what he's doing when you tell him your concern. It is best to take a look at reviews of the stores beforehand and talk to the person extensively when you visit. You will quickly find the hairdresser or barber you trust.

If you already have experience with beards, you can of course cut your beard at home in front of the mirror. However, this takes some practice. All you need is a good beard trimmer, a wet razor or a straight razor and scissors.

However, we recommend beginners to have a professional do their first few shaves. Here you can learn a lot and learn the basics.

Maintaining a full beard properly

  • Beard oil is one of the most important utensils for most beards when it comes to grooming. Use it regularly to keep the beard looking fresh and healthy. It also gives your beard a pleasant scent.
  • A special one "Beard brush" is usually not necessary at first. Anyone who has really disheveled whiskers can use any commercially available brush. It is only important that you do not pull your whiskers out with it.
  • If your new full beard is very difficult to control and you also want to do something good for it, then you can too Beard balm try out. Beard balm is a supplement to beard oil and, in addition to nourishing properties, has a somewhat waxy consistency, which you can use to shape and style the beard.
  • Regular Trim is the be-all and end-all of a well-groomed full beard. So make sure that the hair on the contours and especially on the neck area does not grow too much, otherwise the beard will quickly look unkempt.
  • As mentioned earlier, you should keep your beard on a regular basis to wash, because an unwashed beard not only looks brittle and unhealthy, it also quickly smells unpleasant.

If your more on the topic Beard grooming wanted to learn, you can find our detailed article here.