Why did big eyebrows become a trend

Perfect eyebrows: 2020 is the year of opulent naturalness

Perfect eyebrows? When it comes to stylists like Sam Bryant and his colleagues, the perfect eyebrow is now plump and worn with overemphasized natural make-up. Girlish, elegant, cool. And there the plump oneEyebrownow plays an important role, from now on it is hardly plucked, but cared for with gloss and brushed vigorously!

"This season there is no one brow, but a look that primarily reflects a pure, almost raw state of the brow," said Sam Bryant backstage at Preen about the trendy styling. For the beauty artist, naturalness is the top priority in spring / summer 2020. He then staged these with a suitably fresh make-up for the Roland Mouret show: "The complexion: a bit like polished. It is the appearance of a healthy tan, as if one had just strolled off board on Capri , a little powder on the forehead, everything is not too shiny, not too matt, rather it is a shimmer like balm. "

Pure naturalness ...

Full eyebrows at Balmain - the "Brushed Brows" trend

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... sometimes staged theatrically

Perfect eyebrows 2020 as Haider Ackermann imagines them

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Do you fancy a change in styling natural brows? Designer Haider Ackermann has extravagant ideas from his beauty expert Inge Grognard: "His collection is all about masculinity. So what we have done is to widen the hairline to make the eyebrow look like a single strong brow It has to be straight - to appear idiosyncratic and strange. " Conclusion: Thin eyebrows are currently a thing of the past. And the big ones sometimes want an extra dose of attention, including the popular "Feather Brows" that go viral on Instagram.

Emphasizes theatrical: the 2020 eyebrows at Mugler

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Find the perfect trend eyebrow for yourself

Plucking high browbones, trimmed hair wreaths or, on the contrary, artificially lengthening them: There are different methods of finding and choosing the perfect eyebrow shape for yourself. However, one shape suits (almost) everyone: the naturally held eyebrow, as it will be celebrated on the runway 2020. And yet: naturalness also wants to appear well-groomed. The supposedly unstyled look pays attention to a well thought-out design, if only to frame the eyes and face advantageously. Straight eyebrows or plucked with a bow? A look at Hollywood, where thick brows have cult status, is sufficient for inspiration for trend brows.

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Styling the brows: experts give tips

Correct use of tools: In order to fill in gaps in the fringe of hair, any eyebrow pencils are used that can even replace microblading in terms of their texture and durability. Important for any pen: the pressure exerted when applying it. It shouldn't be too firm to avoid the appearance of color bars over the eyes.

The ideal styling of brows: Tom Pecheux has the right tips for styling the perfect eyebrow: "The key is to brush up the eyebrows and use either a pencil or a powder to fill in. You then paint the brow from the bottom up. Because you definitely don't want to draw a perfect line around the eyebrow. "

Beauty hack: Fuller, thicker eyebrows, perfectly styled with soap? Sounds weird, but it's the newest beauty hack for star eyebrows. This particular technique has been used in Hollywood before. Instructions: to do this, carefully pick up some soap with a brow brush and then work it into the eyebrows and brush them upwards. If necessary, trace over the eyebrows with a pencil or powder.

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