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Liberals after the state elections : Why the FDP defeat is deserved

It remains. The FDP simply cannot get a foothold in the eastern German states. In the state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony, the Liberals failed again on Sunday at the five percent hurdle. You have to say: quite rightly.

There are good reasons why voters hardly trust the FDP. The party lacks everything: sufficiently good staff, the right content and a convincing attitude. If this doesn't change quickly, the Free Democrats will experience the next defeat in the Thuringian state elections in October - and then finally lose touch with the other parties in East Germany.

"The free market will fix it"

Party leader Christian Lindner is primarily responsible for this. The fact that he is the undisputed leader of the FDP is justified. After all, the 40-year-old has laboriously got the liberals out of the crisis and led them back to the Bundestag in 2017. But a party as a “one-man show” is no longer appropriate. Lindner also seems to have recognized this in the meantime. That is why he and his Secretary General Linda Teuteberg set up a kind of “dual leadership light” in the spring.

However, that was of no use. Teuteberg lacks the bite to fill the role of “general”. Setting new topics, attacking the competition, concisely explaining her own policy - she just didn't succeed in all of that. Now Lindner has at least indicated that one could think about a "personal expansion" of the party leadership. Indeed, that is what the FDP should do.

The Free Democrats should also use the opportunity to review their content. It is a mistake that Lindner ruled out any programmatic course correction on Sunday evening. The emptiness of the FDP's content is more than obvious. Whether climate or migration - to every challenge, no matter how great, the FDP's answer is always the same: “The free market will fix it.” That can't be all that German liberalism has to offer!

Politics as an end in itself?

In order not to fail again at the five percent hurdle in Thuringia in October, the liberals urgently need new ideas. You finally have to set your own accents instead of chasing after other parties. What the FDP lacks above all is a fundamental stance. Too often the party looks as if it is pursuing politics as a pure end in itself - solely with the aim of slipping into parliament somewhere and then, with a little luck, perhaps becoming the kingmaker in any coalition.

The liberals, on the other hand, are hardly perceived as vehement defenders of freedom. That makes it difficult for them to get a foot on the ground, not only in the east. Because it doesn't work without a firm standpoint.

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